5tracks 004 O and R by SickSpud

5tracks #003 – O&R by SickSpud

5tracks #003 - O&R by SickSpud

Welcome to 5tracks, the music podcast presented by @0diolab and gathering artists of the electronic scene willing to spread their sound! Each month, five tracks of groovy music produced by independent creators and mixed by @SickSpud.

O&R stands for “Originals & Remixes”, a bunch of tracks produced by Swiss electronic creators put together with remixes of international artists, or songs of SickSpud himself. Caution: this 30 min. podcast sounds like a dj-set starting with some dark techno and ending up with much heavier basses! Check out the tracklist below:

AZAZEL by Lee-O, SickSpud remix (00:38 – 06:24)
The darkest side of this live-act.

ANTIPASS by SickSpud (06:25 – 11:34)
It reminds us the groove of a minimal track. Yeapah, head-shaking has just started!

ANXIOLITIC by SickSpud (11:35 – 17:29)
The atmosphere of a good after hour party in a single track. 

TITOK by SickSpud (17:30 – 23:29)
BPM are slightly rising on this track, a good progressive-techno outfit

FACE SLAPPER (FRANK KVITTA REMIX), SickSpud remix (23:30 to 31:12)
New rise of BPM: this time it sounds – almost – like hard techno. Enjoy it on a dancefloor!

#Call4Artists are you an independent artist willing to showcase your techno track(s) ? Please send your music to info[at]odiolab.ch : our team will review and provide feedback to every track submitted!

Photo by Fidel Fernando

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