5tracks #000 – the 40 sec. techno intro!

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Odiolab podcasts
5tracks #000 - the 40 sec. techno intro!

Welcome to 5tracks, the music podcast produced and mixed by independent artists of the electronic scene. This show is created by @SickSpud and promoted by @WarcoBrienza. More info on Twitter (@5track5) and on partner radio UZIC (@uzicwebradio).

#Call4Artists: are you an independent artist willing to put forward your track(s)? Then go to the homepage of our radio partner UZIC, where you can submit your own tracks for evaluation. Get ready for a broadcast in one of the next episodes of 5tracks. Find all the episodes on the 5tracks playlist.

(Photo by Francesco Paggiaro: pexels.com/@paggiarofrancesco)

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