5tracks #005 – X-mass! by Sickspud

5tracks #005 - X-mass! by Sickspud

Welcome to 5tracks, the music podcast presented by Odiolab. In this X-mass set you will hear five tracks of techno produced and mixed by the independent Swiss artist SickSpud.

X-mass set, indeed: with these new tracks – some of them even unfinished – SickSpud wants to remind us of the magic in Christmas time. As to us, at the Odiolab association, we keep in mind memorable snowy nights and this podcast sounds like a tribute to them! These tracks of bumping music will move you for sure. Tracklisting below:

  • TALE OF SPUDY BOY (00:35 – 05:30)
  • MELODRAMA (05:30 – 07:00)
  • EINE SPEZIELLE FRAU (07:00 – 12:30)
  • BAM-BAM (12:30 – 17:45)
  • SALUT, C’EST SPUD (23:30 to 31:12)

© Sickspud, 2023

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