5tracks #001 – M by SickSpud (CH)

5tracks #001 - M by SickSpud (CH)

Welcome to 5tracks, the music podcast presented by @0diolab and gathering artists of the electronic scene willing to spread their sound! Each month, five tracks of groovy music produced by independent creators and mixed by @SickSpud.

M like Minimal. M like Massive. M like pure electronic Music produced and mixed by SickSpud, an independent artist made in Switzerland. Enjoy this 30+ min. live-act and have a look at the track listing below for more information!

FRÜHLING (00:45 – 8:37)
Smooth start, still grooving.

TRACK TWO (08:38 – 11:10)
Here comes the dark track and it will let you move. Good old techno vibes during the break, then going on.

MOONET (11:11 – 16:29)
Progressive influences and a bright dark melody are well placed on this great track. Just close your eyes and dance!

STRANGE (16:30 – 23:59)
Light & pumping at the same time, what a refreshing minimal track! not fully convinced by the voices hearable in the break time though.

40TEEN (24:00 to the end)
Back to the 00’ and their weird jerky little sounds!

#Call4Artists Are you an independent artist willing to showcase your track(s) ? Then head to the home page of our partner-radio UZIC, where you will be able to submit your own tracks for review. Be ready for a broadcast in one of the upcoming episodes of 5tracks: http://uzic.ch/submit/

Photo by Hendrik B

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